Youtuber Cookie Swirl C Wiki: Real Name, Age, Earnings, Dating

• Cookie Swirl C is a 24-year old YouTuber and voice actress with nearly 16 million subscribers.
• Her content usually involves playing with and voicing cute animal plushies and figurines from world’s most popular child franchises.
• She also frequently plays Roblox and has been doing so since 2016.
• Her net worth is said to be higher than $10 million.
• She is active on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Who is Cookie Swirl C? What is her age and real name?

Born Candace, with an unknown surname, under the sign of Pisces on the 14th of March 1997, in Sacramento, California USA, Cookie Swirl C, also nicknamed “Candy”, is a 24-year old Caucasian YouTuber, voice actress and gamer. She is best known to the world due to her nearly 16 million subscribers, whom she’s garnered over more than a decade of consistent delivery of quality content, centered around one sensational thing more than any other – cuteness. On her channel, she loves to record herself playing with and voicing cute animal plushies and figurines from some of the world’s most popular child franchises, such as “My Little Pony”, “Barbie” and “Disney’s Frozen”.

One thing she also does very frequently is play Roblox, which she’s been at consistently since 2016. Thanks to these two forms of content delivery, she has been enjoying a steady increase in fame since joining YouTube on the 4th of August 2007.

Early life: Where does the magic begin?

The names and professions of her parents are unknown, and she’s thought to be an only child.  Cookie most likely attended an unspecified high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 2015. Since there is no evidence to the contrary, Cookie Swirl C is widely believed not to have chosen to pursue a college education, though many think she would be outstanding when working with children.

As much as Cookie Swirl C enjoys talking about magical beings and anything else that a child would love to hear, she doesn’t seem too keen on revealing personal information about her own childhood. Virtually nothing except the birthplace is known about her beginnings, aside from the fact that she admitted in a now deleted video that she used to be quite introverted as a child. For whatever reason, she didn’t have many friends, and had to improvise during her playtime. That’s how she naturally came up with the idea to voice all of her toys and give them personalities, which she continued doing into adulthood for all children of the world.

Cookie Swirl C

Career: From the stable through the cable

Cookie Swirl C’s first YouTube channel actually isn’t the one she’s ultra-famous for; it’s instead the one named HoneyheartsC, previously called HoneyHearts27. That’s where the now deleted aforementioned video was initially uploaded, detailing her childhood loneliness and how she came to voice all of her toys. That same video spread like wildfire across social media in 2013, this being the very thing that gave rise to her popularity. It was removed from the channel after Cookie chose to dedicate it only to videos made for children, involving voiced horse figurines and plushies. The oldest video on that channel is now “Breyer movie part 1 Shamrock’s Heart” – the first of many videos in a series depicting plastic stallions and mares going through their own adventures in Cookie’s imaginary world.

Since it is more than 11 years old, it can be considered as the beginning of Cookie’s career. She has yet another channel beside her main one: Sugar8Cupcake, created on June 15th 2014. She uses this channel as a sort of showreel for all of her “Sims 4” episodes, which is a form of storytelling aimed at children, directed and performed in the world of the “Sims 4” game. These videos, like all the rest that can be seen on all three of her channels, are all single-handedly produced by Cookie Swirl C.

Life of the party

Finally, one of the world’s most popular YouTube channels for the youngest demographic, Cookie Swirl C, is actually the second channel created by Candace, which she uses to upload most of her content, whereas the other two are used for only one type of show.

Its content varies from video to video, including gameplay challenges, new characters in her less frequently played video games, freshly released Roblox cosmetics, and numerous other 3D displays of characters made specifically for children. Cookie has become so proficient at retaining the attention of the usually most inattentive type of spectators that she ended up as #14 on the list of the Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels for the week of March 26th 2021. The reached 16 million subscribers in early June 2021, and there’s no telling when the snowball effect will stop. According to the list above, she gained over 142 million views in just seven days, as well as 100,000 new subscribers.

Love life: Is she dating anyone?

Since Cookie Swirl C is someone who strives to attract an audience that hasn’t yet developed romantic interests, she keeps her own relationships out of the public eye as well. As far as even the most dedicated fans are concerned, she hasn’t yet revealed anything about her sexuality itself, much less a potential partner. She is deemed attractive by most who have seen her face, but it seems that she doesn’t have an interest in exploiting that strength. She currently remains focused on her work, and most likely doesn’t have time to devote herself to a partner. She still lives in Sacramento, California.

So, what DID she reveal about herself?

Cookie’s ‘About’ section on her main channel sheds at least a little light on her private matters.

Her Roblox name is PlayCookiePlay, her favorite color is rainbow, all animals are her favorite, and she prefers most of all to eat cookies, as the name would suggest.

Her favorite quote is ‘Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.’ While this channel description leaves too much to be desired, it does show her selflessness or at least professionalism, since she tailored even this part of her channel to the audience.

How high are Cookie Swirl C’s earnings? What is her net worth?

Cookie Swirl C’s net worth is said to be higher than $10 million in mid-2021, amassed this impressive amount by working diligently for what she loves longer than a decade. Her ever-increasing subscriber count on all three channels easily lets the world know that her total wealth will not be decreasing anytime soon, but rather, quite the opposite.

Social media presence

Perhaps surprisingly, Cookie Swirl C doesn’t have Facebook, Snapchat or TikTok accounts. Her main YouTube channel has almost 16 million subscribers, her first just under 2 million, and her newest under 1 million. Her Twitter has almost 20,000 followers, and her Instagram nearly 400,000.

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