N3on and Sam Frank Kicked Out of Disneyland for Recording in Restrooms During IRL Stream

Controversial Kick streamers Rangesh “N3on” and his girlfriend Sam Frank, both known for their provocative content, were kicked out of Disneyland on May 18 during an IRL (In Real Life) stream. The incident, which unfolded live, added to their history of contentious encounters at the theme park.

The drama began when Disneyland security personnel confronted the couple, accusing them of recording without the necessary permits. More seriously, the guards alleged that N3on and Sam had been filming in and around the restrooms, capturing people exiting them. One of the guards explicitly stated, “You were recording in the restrooms,” leading to an immediate confrontation.

For those who missed the live stream, the confrontation occurred approximately four hours and five minutes into N3on’s broadcast. Security personnel approached the duo and demanded that they stop recording, emphasizing that they had not been granted permission to film. A guard pointed out, “Stop recording please, we didn’t give you permission…we’ve been told that you have been recording stuff and told the parking instructor that you will be using it all day.”

N3on tried to counter the accusation, claiming that they were given permission to record. However, the guard quickly dismissed this, calling it a lie. The situation escalated when the security team accused the streamers of blocking access to the restrooms while recording. Despite Sam Frank’s protestations, saying, “No we were not,” the guards remained firm in their stance.

This incident is not the first time N3on and Sam Frank have faced issues at Disneyland. Their prior visit also ended in controversy and ejection, suggesting a pattern of behavior that the park’s security has noted.

Sam Frank, visibly frustrated by the confrontation, attempted to deescalate the situation by offering to leave the park immediately. “Can we just walk towards the exit and leave for you guys? We don’t really wanna cause an issue. We will leave right now,” she said, hoping to avoid further complications.

N3on, on the other hand, was clearly upset by the turn of events but chose not to escalate the situation further. The streamers complied with the security’s request and were escorted out of the park.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions among viewers and the broader streaming community. Some fans defend N3on and Sam, arguing that live streaming content often involves misunderstandings with public venue policies. Others criticize the streamers for repeatedly engaging in activities that lead to such confrontations, suggesting a lack of respect for rules and privacy.

The ejection of N3on and Sam Frank from Disneyland highlights the ongoing tension between content creators and public spaces. As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, similar incidents are likely to occur, prompting discussions about the balance between creative freedom and respecting public regulations and privacy. For N3on and Sam Frank, their latest controversy at Disneyland serves as a reminder of the challenges and responsibilities that come with their high-profile streaming careers.

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