Drama as Nigerians massively report Toyin Abraham to Netflix; Wikipedia tags actress a bully

The battle between Nollywood and movie producer Toyin Abraham and her bullies has taken a new turn as the movie star faces heavy backlash from Nigerians.

Wikipedia had tagged the movie star as a bully in her bio on their page. Kemi Filani noticed she is now being addressed as a Nigerian actress, bully and filmmaker.

To worsen things, Nigerians are massively reporting her to the streaming platform Netflix for her movies to be taken down.

A social media had shared a screenshot of his letter to the streaming platform as he urged everyone to follow in his footsteps. In the letter, he had urged the streaming platform to boycott her movies as he expressed how such mistreatment is disheartening, especially considering the diverse and inclusive content that Netflix is known for.

The netizen urged Netflix to take a firm stand against such behaviour and demonstrate a commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all its audiences.

Twitter influencer Danny Young had threatened that should Ayo not be released, they would mass report Toyin’s Instagram page and then move to send emails to Netflix.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that Toyin is currently trending on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, now known as X, after she was accused of arresting a tweep’s mother. Reacting to the allegation, Toyin stated that people could abuse her and call her names, and it would be okay to her, but where she draws the line is when people curse her kids and lie. She clarified that she never arrested his mother and only made a report of cybercrime as a citizen.

Taking to her Instagram Live, Toyin stressed that she never arrested anybody’s mother as she only exercised her democratic right. She stated that the only reason people are bullying her is because she supported another person, and she never collected money from him. Toyin stated that she is ready to die, but before her death, she will make sure everybody who bullied and defamed her wouldn’t go scot-free.

Weeks back, it was also reported that Toyin had arrested an X user who wished death on her son for cyberbullying and defamation. According to a source, identified as Reedah, who is close to the Twitter user, she had his mother that the X user had been arrested four days ago. She revealed that the police came from Lagos to arrest him for cyberbullying Toyin Abraham.

Recall that lost the admiration of millions for publicly supporting President Tinubu during the General Election. In an interview while addressing the backlash she received, Toyin had cried out, stating that she had never seen this type of trolling before, as she noted how many went the extra mile to petition her brands and urge Netflix to take down her movies. She added that she was intimidated, bullied, insulted, and cursed because she supported the now President-elect.

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