Drake Loses $300K Bet as Argentina Defeats Canada in Copa America

Canadian rap icon Drake is no stranger to high-stakes betting, and his latest wager has once again put him in the spotlight. The rapper recently placed a hefty $300,000 bet on Canada’s men’s soccer team to triumph over Argentina in a crucial Copa America semifinal match. However, his gamble did not pay off, as Argentina emerged victorious, leaving Drake to face yet another significant financial loss.

On Monday, Drake took to Instagram to share a screenshot of his betting slip, showcasing his bold $300,000 wager. Had Canada won, the rapper stood to gain a massive $2.8 million payout. This bet quickly garnered attention and skepticism, particularly from those who believe in the so-called “Drake curse”—a superstition that suggests the rapper’s support often leads to the failure of the teams or individuals he backs.

Drake’s bet required Canada to defeat Argentina within the regulation 90 minutes of the match, a challenging feat given the odds. FanDuel Sportsbook listed Canada as a +1000 underdog, while Argentina was favored to win at -310. The possibility of a draw was set at +400. Despite the long odds, Drake’s optimism for a Canadian upset remained high.

However, as the match unfolded on Tuesday night, Argentina proved to be the stronger team, dashing Drake’s hopes and costing him $300,000. This loss adds to a string of high-profile betting misfortunes for the rapper.

Just last month, Drake lost $500,000 on the Edmonton Oilers, who fell short in their bid for the Stanley Cup after losing to the Florida Panthers in a decisive Game 7. In addition, he placed another $500,000 bet on the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA championship, only to see the Boston Celtics claim the title instead. His Instagram posts reflecting these bets were filled with optimism, yet the outcomes have consistently been unfavorable.

Drake’s betting streak has been notably poor this year. In May, he bet $565,000 on Tyson Fury to win an undisputed heavyweight championship bout against Oleksandr Usyk. Despite a thrilling fight, Fury lost in a split decision, adding another substantial loss to Drake’s record.

The rapper’s high-stakes gambling has even sparked comments from fellow artist Kendrick Lamar, who accused Drake of having a gambling addiction during a public feud earlier this year. Whether or not these accusations hold any truth, Drake’s betting endeavors continue to draw significant attention and criticism.

With Argentina’s victory over Canada, Drake’s $300,000 bet has once again ended in disappointment. While the rapper is known for his resilience and willingness to take risks, his recent track record raises questions about whether the “Drake curse” will ever be lifted.

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