“Do not ever complain to a woman about how difficult your life is” – Rapper Erigga dishes out an advice to men

In a recent development, rapper Erigga has dished out a very important advice to Nigerian men. He told them that regardless of whatever thing they are facing in life, they should deter from doing one specific thing.

He expressed that they should never ever tell a woman or complain to a woman about how difficult their life is for them. In his words, he had this to say,

“ Whatever you do in this life, do not complain to a woman about how difficult your life is. Do not.”

Also recall that back in April of 2024, rapper Erigga had dished out an advice to married men in Nigeria. He revealed that a good man cooks for his wife while she watches the world.

This tweet sparked a lot of speculations from netizens, especially between men who were married. Some agreed with his statements while others countered this tweet.

Also recall that in the same April of 2024, Erigga had revealed a specific thing people must not do when he dies. He expressed that when he dies, nobody should ever take a peek at his dead body in the coffin.

He further disclosed that the reason for his statement is because he might get shy and start laughing.

Also recall that in March, Erigga had taken to Instagram to advise men on how they should deal with a partner who cheats on them.

He revealed that even though their girlfriends might be cheating on them, they should remember that their heart still belongs to him, which is the most important thing.

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