Kick Streamer N3on Swatted Live on Stream, Mistaken for Hostage Situation by Police

Controversial Kick streamer Ragnesh “N3on” experienced a frightening incident during a live stream when police swarmed his location believing there was a hostage situation. The incident occurred on July 8, 2024, while N3on was broadcasting from a rage room. This shocking event unfolded live, leaving both the streamer and his audience stunned.

During his stream, N3on noticed police officers entering the building, which caught him off guard. The Indian-American content creator expressed his disbelief and anxiety, saying, “I’m relaxed. I feel calm. Oh, st! Oh, what the… oh, my god, he has a gun out. They have guns out, what the fk?! Bro, I thought I was cool with the swatter. What happened? Hi, sir. We come in peace.” His reaction highlighted the sudden and intense nature of the situation.

As the police approached, N3on explained to them that he was merely “letting out some anger” in the rage room and that the call they responded to was a prank. He elaborated, “Hi, it’s just a prank call. I was letting out some anger in the rage room while I was hitting s**t.” The police officers, who were initially unaware of the rage room’s purpose, confirmed the context after speaking with N3on.

N3on continued to explain the situation to his viewers, stating, “Bro, I had so much anger in my heart, bro, I just started bap, bap, bap! You want to come with me?” Moments later, his security personnel, Leon, clarified that the police had been called under the false pretense of a hostage situation. Reacting to this information, N3on remarked, “Damn! So that’s why you all call came in like crazy. It feels like GTA.”

This incident is not an isolated event for the 19-year-old streamer. Earlier this year, on January 28, 2024, N3on was swatted while streaming from a zoo. During that broadcast, a zoo employee informed him that they needed to stop the live stream and evacuate guests due to a swatting call. Reflecting on that experience, N3on expressed his frustration: “Man, I’ve got to play dumb. What happened?! That’s so… nah, bro – the little kid was having a birthday party. Whoever did it, you’re a weird kid, on god!” He continued, “You know what’s so messed up? The little kid was opening his gifts, bro. I was going to give the kid some cash. That’s messed up, bro. L swatter in the chat, spam it up. I don’t know what happened.”

Swatting, the act of making a false police report to send emergency services to a target’s location, is a dangerous and illegal prank that has become a troubling trend, particularly among online personalities. It poses significant risks to both the victims and law enforcement officers, who must respond to these threats as if they are real emergencies.

For N3on, these incidents have been disruptive and stressful, but he remains undeterred in his streaming endeavors. His ability to maintain composure and engage with his audience during these tense moments underscores his resilience as a content creator. However, the repeated swatting episodes serve as a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by public figures in the digital age.

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