“She’s my sister” Sydney Talker debunks claims of being married

In a recent development, comedian Sydney Talker has debunked rumors that he is a married man.

The popular Nigerian comedian took to Xplatform to debunk all the allegations levelled against him that he was in a relationship. This happened after a picture had emerged of him and a beautiful girl. Netizens have started to speculate that he was in a relationship with some even stating that he was married.

However, he came on Xplatform to reveal that the girl in question was his sister while he expressed that he is not married. Netizens took to the comment section to react to his statement with some doubting his reports that he was not married.

One easy girl agreed with him, stating,

“Who else saw the resemblance after this tweet?”

Another netizen known as Regardless had this to say,

“You cant convince is you’re just siblings.”

Another netizen known as Santorini had this to say,

“If she’s not your babe then give me her number.”

Another netizen known as Bigeye had this to say,

“Nobody asked you, let the agenda flow.”

Another netizen known as Momiyo mentioned Davido’s famous lyrics,

“She call me brother, I call her sister too. We know what you are.”

Also recall that Kemi Filani had reported back in April of 2024 that Sydney had called for prayers for singer Khaid days after he was hospitalized over internal bleeding.

Taking to the Xplatform, Sidney called for prayers for him. He, however, did not share any other updates on the singer’s condition.

A few weeks back, Carter Efe had called out Sydney Talker over Khalid’s whereabouts. He went on live, slamming Sydney Talker for not revealing any updates about Kaid and refusing to pick his call for weeks.

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