“As a lady in a relationship, have what you do that brings income. E get why!” – Omoni Oboli advises ladies

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Omoni Oboli has sent a message to ladies about the importance of having an income of their own.

Taking to her Instagram page, she stated that as a lady, one should have what they do that brings income, especially if they are in a relationship. She stressed that they must find something to do as there is a reason for it.

“Sisters!!! I don’t know who needs to hear this…but as a lady, have what you do that brings income, especially if you are in a relationship. Night be tough, but find something, pls, sis, anything! E get why!
Always remember that I love you, and God loves you too”.

Omoni Oboli advises woman to have income

Many via her comment section concurred with her.

One Mum, Phina Mma wrote, “Doing my best as a widow with three girls

One Rita4delta wrote, “Facts. Personal income gives some level of independence

One Show3879 wrote, “You will have that respect from your partner

One Leezie Crystal wrote, “So that if your man leaves you, your pain wouldn’t be based on the fact that you wouldn’t be getting money from him anymore

One Teena Itseuwa wrote, “Having your own income saves a lot and brings respect

One Hunwathan Bukola wrote, “I support. Please have a life outside of relationship and marriage

One Chaste Daniels wrote, “Fact. You’d enjoy the relationship more when you both have your own money no matter how little. And be kind as well”.

Weeks back, Media entrepreneur Linda Ikeji penned a powerful piece of advice to women on becoming self-dependent without falling victim to the wrong men. The single mother of one advises young ladies to live a successful life rather than relying on the benevolence of a man.

She spoke about how women can dominate and thrive with fearlessness, strength, determination, and grace, as she referenced how she has reached a point in herself where she chose to live according to her terms and have a man with whom she could reciprocate the same luxury.

Actress and filmmaker Funke Akindele had, in a recent interview, lectured Nigerian baddies on the importance of having morals and intelligence. She educated them on showcasing their talents and putting them forth to the world rather than trying to emulate a fake lifestyle on social media.

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