“When the devil can’t reach you, he’ll send a broke man” – BBN’s Tacha laments bitterly

On todays episode of ‘What did broke men do to Nigerian girls’, BBNaija’s Tacha has come out with a new study of her own about men that aren’t financially buoyant.

In her post about broke men, Tacha wrote;

”Trust me! when the devil can’t reach you personally he’ll send you a broke man who’s good in bed”

Tacha talks about the origin of broke men.

It isn’t certain whether Tacha was speaking from experience, but the fact that she brought it to Twitter means that it was a pressing issue on her mind.

Netizens were quick to react, as ‘broke men’ has always been interesting topic of discourse.

abayomi_alvin wrote, “Nigerian Broke Men have not tasted since Instagram launched. what a wahala”

iam_jasper_jay wrote, “Ladies broke man in bed and rich man that doesn’t last which one you prefer”

amosi_Ozoh wrote, “Broke men dey suffer both online and offline”

reyy_chelle wrote, “For real…he’s not giving you shishi but you can’t leave cause the D is too good …worst situation!”

sparklesdammy wrote, “She’s not even lying”

threalmaya_amaka wrote, “She’s referring to Sharon I guess just saying”

holyst07 wrote, “After insulting broke men physically and emotionally and the broke man finally become an odogwu, y’all will
now want him to be loyal with one woman. Mbanu!”

thedeltabeauty wrote, “Walai you go wan leave am o but the preeq go Dey make you sorry for am broke preeq can do anything cos e no get wetin e Dey think”

Tacha has always been quite outspoken on social media, giving her two cents on various topics, whether she faces backlash or not.

The reality television star doesn’t hold back her opinions, and that has often landed her in murky waters, with netizens dragging her online.

Despite the fact that she often faces backlash, Tacha has still managed to maintain relevance for a long time now.

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