“You’re telling your daughter’s grandfather to be giving you 2 months’ notice before she can attend his yearly Christmas party” – Rapper N6 slams Sophia Momodu

Nigerian rapper and media personality N6 has slammed Sophia Momodu, the first babymama of singer, Davido, over her leaked chat with his father.

In the wake of her custody battle with Davido, Sophia released a WhatsApp conversation between her and the singer’s father, where she had responded to Davido’s father’s plea that Imade spend 2023 Christmas with his family. She had declined, stating that she already had her plans for her daughter and went on to state that she would need at least 2 months’ notice, as well as Davido’s carrying out his responsibilities to allow Imade spend Christmas with them in the future.

Replying to her message, Davido’s father has expressed understanding as he noted how the notice was short. However, he emphasised that for Imade’s well-being, she and Davido must have joint custody of their daughter.

Reacting to it, N6 slammed Sophia for demanding a 2 months notice in future for Imade to attend his Christmas parties. He also pointed out the irony at which Sophia pays N25million a year for her luxury apartment yet needs a Range Rover from Davido because she doesn’t have a car. Noting how Sophia claimed that the RR was bad and that she had to rent a jeep for a month to take Imade to school, he questioned why she couldn’t move into an N10million a year crib and buy an N15million car.

In another tweet, he praised Davido’s father for his maturity as he noted how his message was so loving, heartwarming and empathetic.

“You are telling your daughter’s 67-year-old Grandfather to be giving you 2 months’ notice before you can allow her attend his Yearly Christmas party. Omo.

Uncle Deji is a gentleman to his last bone marrow. His message was so loving, heartwarming and empathetic; it did not deserve her reply at all”.

“You pay N25million a year for your luxury apartment but need a Range Rover from your baby daddy because you don’t have a car. The Range was always so bad, so you had to rent a jeep for a month to take your child to school. Why not move to a N10m a year crib and buy a N15m car?”.

N6 slams Sophia Momodu

Recall that a few days before Davido’s traditional wedding to Chioma, Davido had filed a suit seeking joint custody of his daughter, as he claimed Sophia was denying him access to her and extorting money from him. Sophia had responded to the suit, debunking his claims, as she revealed that Davido had never made any attempt to meet with Imade and had abandoned her because she refused to have sex with him.

In new reports from their ongoing custody battle, Sophia had filed a 102-paragraph affidavit to oppose the singer seeking joint custody of their daughter, citing reasons such as the death of his son, Ifeanyi, his controversial lifestyle and his love for using their daughter to get back at her as reasons for opposing him.

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