“Misplaced priorities, you can use that money to start a lucrative business” – Sandra Iheuwa slams Sophia Momodu over her N23million Banana Island rent

Sandra Iheuwa, the babymama of talent manager Ubi Franklin has slammed Sophia Momodu, the first babymama of singer Davido, over her misplaced priorities.

In the wake of her bitter custody battle with Davido, Sophia had shared a screenshot of the N23million rent receipt of her apartment in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Reacting to it via a blog’s comment section, Sandra described it as a misplaced priority as she noted how Sophia could use the money to start a lucrative business that could bring more money for her.

She stated that as a single mother, Sophia needs to cut her coat according to her size.

“23 million that can be used to start a lucrative business that can birth more money to afford the life you want. As a single mom, you should be able to cut your coat according to your size. Misplaced priorities”.

Sophia Momodu's N23million house rent
Sophia Momodu's N23million house rentSophia Momodu's N23million house rent
Sandra Iheuwa slams Sophia Momodu over her N23million house rentSandra Iheuwa slams Sophia Momodu over her N23million house rent

Many also concurred with Sandra as they noted how N23million rent was too much for Sophia’s status.

One Eta Enyi wrote, “Don’t live above your means and expect another to pay. Using a child as leverage

One I Am Sheila wrote, “Sophia I dey support you since. But don’t you think it’s too expensive for you? What job do you have to sustain yourself and this kind of lifestyle? Nah, you need to calm down on this

One Adetomywa Giwa wrote, “Renting for 23m is wild.

One Ibadan Lawa wrote, “This babymama business seems like a lucrative venture oo

One African Ada001 wrote, “Honestly, if Davido ended up with Sophia. He could go bankrupt, the spending is too much haba na

One Happiest Gurl07 wrote, “She wants to live the big girl lifestyle on someone’s pockets”.

This isn’t the first time Sandra has slammed Sophia. Last year, after Sophia cried out about financial abuse, Sandra Iheuwa blasted Sophia over her sense of entitlement to Davido’s money. She made it clear that being a baby mama doesn’t mean one should be entitled to their baby daddy’s money, as she stated that the only responsibility he has towards his child’s mother is to take care of the responsibility of their child.

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