I Run Faster From Sexual Temptation Than Before — Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has issued a stern warning to ministers of the gospel about the dangers of sexual immorality, stating that anointing alone is not enough to resist such temptations.

Speaking at the recently concluded Ministers & Workers Conference of RCCG Americas 1, which covers regions in North, Central, and the Caribbean, Pastor Adeboye emphasized the need for vigilance among gospel ministers.

The conference, themed “The Glory Ahead,” provided a platform for spiritual leaders to discuss various issues, including the challenges of maintaining moral integrity in ministry.

Pastor Adeboye, who has over four and a half decades of pastoral experience, candidly shared his personal strategies for avoiding sexual temptations.

“Despite my age, I run faster than before to avoid any form of sexual temptation,” he revealed during his sermon, which was also shared on his YouTube page.

The revered pastor cited the biblical figure Samson as an example, a judge over Israel who fell into the trap of sexual immorality despite being anointed by God.

He said, “Somebody says, at your age, why are you still running? I run faster than before because the closer you get to the finishing point, the more careful you must be.

“Some of you can say, ‘Daddy, what are you saying, are you still running?’ I run fast.

“With all your anointing?’ Does anointing turn your body to stone? Samson was anointed. Single-handedly, he killed a thousand soldiers. A woman finished him. I hope the boys are listening.
“You can say, ‘is anybody still interested in an 82-year-old man?’

“She is not interested in you but interested in putting an end to all the great works God has done through you.

“You see that woman smiling at you everywhere you go, she is there smiling, and she is not your wife, run.

“And you girls, when you see a boy smiling at you saying, ‘Where have you been all my life? It looks as if the sun has just come out’.

“He is calling you sunshine. By the time he finishes with you, you won’t even know the difference between sunshine and sunset. You may laugh, but mark my words.

“I do warn my children, particularly the boys. I said if the devil comes against you, tell the devil to get lost, but when you see a girl smiling at you in a funny way, run because you can’t win the battle.

“Didn’t you read a report that a man committed an offence about 42 years ago and now his ministry is finished?

“Anybody who tells you that whatever you do is hidden, it’s hidden until the wind begins to blow.

“The Bible says, flee youthful lust. It did not ask you to say grace would be sufficient. There is no grace for what God says you should run from. Maybe grace to run,” Pastor Adeboye added.

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