Azealia Banks Refutes Claims of Eviction Over Unpaid Rent

Azealia Banks has come forward to deny recent claims that she was evicted from her rental home in Miami, Florida, due to unpaid rent amounting to thousands of dollars.

On July 5, the internet buzzed with rumors about Banks’ alleged eviction after a report by the blog thepoptingz on X (formerly Twitter). The report, which included court documents, suggested that the Harlem rapper had been ousted from her Miami residence for failing to pay rent. However, Azealia Banks was quick to refute these claims through her Instagram Story.

“Umm this is a lie,” Banks wrote. “Lmao these Miami landlords be deesssepperaaaate. I’ve already moved CXQ HQ to 7995 SW 154th Terrace Palmetto Bay, FL, 33157.”

She continued her rebuttal, expressing her disdain for the landlords, “Lmao why do these tostones grease bathing white wannabes in Miami really think I’m gonna play with them? Pop Tingz better correct that sh*t. You can search the public record…There is no eviction ordered by any court. The landlord is a drunk with H Pylori who has been menacing me the entire time I lived there. Sis had her husband come in to the house under some guise of fixing broken outlets.”

Despite Banks’ strong denial, court records obtained by AllHipHop indicate that Isis Claro filed a motion for a final judgment of possession against Azealia Banks on July 2. The motion claims, “This eviction was filed because Tenant owes Plaintiff’s past due rent.”

The court documents explain that Banks’ failure to deposit rent into the Court Registry prevented a clerk’s default, but she did not comply with Florida statutes requiring tenants to pay accrued rent into the court registry when interposing any defense other than payment.

The motion further elaborates, “Failure of the tenant to pay the rent into the registry of the court or to file a motion to determine the amount of rent to be paid into the registry within 5 days … after the date of service of process constitutes an absolute waiver of the tenant’s defenses other than payment. And the landlord is entitled to an immediate default judgment for the removal of the tenant.”

Azealia Banks has a history of contentious landlord-tenant relationships and has often taken to social media to voice her grievances. This recent episode is yet another chapter in her tumultuous dealings with landlords. Despite the legal proceedings, Banks remains adamant that she has not been evicted and maintains that the allegations are unfounded.

As this situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the legal aspects will resolve and whether Banks’ denials will hold up against the court’s findings. For now, she continues to assert her stance against what she perceives as desperate attempts by her landlords to defame her.

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