Adin Ross Ends Social Media Hiatus, Spotted Boxing in New York

After weeks of silence, popular streamer Adin Ross has resurfaced on social media, spotted boxing at a New York gym. This marks the end of his extended break from the public eye, sparking excitement among fans hopeful for his return to streaming.

Ross has been notably absent from social media platforms for months. His last significant activity was on March 22, when he posted a collaboration with rapper Sexxy Red on X (formerly known as Twitter). His subsequent engagement on the platform dwindled, with his last responses posted in early May 2024.

The hiatus extended to his streaming activities on Kick, where he boasts over 1.27 million followers. Ross, once a dominant presence on the platform, hasn’t streamed since May 25. During his absence, fellow streamers like Kai Cenat have addressed his situation, with Cenat mentioning he checks in with Ross at least three times a week to ensure he’s doing well.

Adin Ross finally reappeared on July 4 through a video posted by Gotham Gym on Instagram, which was quickly shared by the Adin Updates X account. The video shows Ross engaging in a boxing session, hinting at his potential return to the spotlight. On the same day, Ross also posted a selfie, further confirming his re-emergence.

While Ross remained silent in the video and provided no context in his selfie, his return to boxing has sparked speculation among fans. Many are wondering if he is gearing up for a creator boxing event, a realm he has ventured into before. In January 2024, Ross played a significant role in hosting a creator boxing event on Kick, featuring six fights between twelve different creators. Following the success of that event, he hosted another one the next month.

The video and selfie have rekindled hopes among fans that Ross may soon return to streaming. Although there are no concrete details about his plans, his reappearance has certainly generated buzz and anticipation within his community.

Adin Ross’ return to the public eye, especially through an activity like boxing, could signal a new chapter in his career. Whether it leads to another creator boxing event or a full-fledged return to streaming, fans will be eagerly watching for his next move.

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