“It’s God that will judge you” – Davido’s cousin Folasade Adeleke slams Sophia Momodu for bringing up Ifeanyi’s death in her child custody battle

The internet is ablaze as Davido and his first baby mama Sophia Momodu recently clashed over child custody battle for Imade Adeleke.

In a recent development, Davido’s cousin Folasade Adeleke chirped into the issue, stating that it is God that will judge Sophia Momodu for mentioning Ifeanyi’s death during her child custody battle with Davido.

Davido’s cousin Folasade Adeleke slams Sophia Momodu.

Recall that in the court documents from the child custody battle, Sophia Momodu had said that she wasn’t comfortable with her daughter Imade Adeleke being with Davido because he lost his son Ifeanyi in the same house.

This was Sophia Momodu’s response to the lawsuit that Davido filed against her for partial custody of their daughter Imade.

Sophia’s statement about Ifeanyi’s death struck a nerve in Davido’s mind, as he took to Instagram to call her out, stating that she mentions his son’s death at any given time.

Davido also said that one day Imade would grow up, and she would see that he fought for the right to be present in her life.

The court documents that contained Davido’s lawsuit against Sophia Momodu were released a few days to his wedding, and Sophia Momodu replied by revealing that she had been in a relationship with the singer from 2019 to 2023.

Sophia Momodu’s revelation resulted to a huge discourse online, with regards to the timeline of Davido’s relationship with his wife Chioma.

Regardless of the drama that ensued before his marriage, Davido’s wedding still took place as planned, and it shook the internet for days.

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