This Is A Sign That Labour Party Will Win 2027 Election – Rep Reacts To Starmer Victory

The Leader of the Labour Party Caucus of the House of Representatives, Afam Victor Ogene has stated that the victory of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom (UK) is a sign that the same triumph would be replicated in Nigeria in 2027.

Naija News reports that the leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, Keir Starmer, swept to power early on Friday after winning the country’s general election, crossing the 326-seat threshold for a working majority in the House of Commons.

Reacting to the development, Ogene said that the election has given vivid hope to the opposition and also shows the competence and integrity of the electoral umpires in the UK.

He made the declaration in a statement made available to journalists in Awka on Friday.

Unlike what was witnessed in Nigeria in the last general elections, the process in UK was free of glitches, as about 40 million voters took part. Polls closed around 10 pm Thursday and by daybreak, the results were out.

“There was no judicial ambush, as immediate transition took place to the admiration of all lovers of democracy and free and fair elections.

“If we must practice democracy, we must also love, copy and abide by the transparency and accountability of democratic institutions in nations of the world that allow the rule of law and democratic principles to thrive.

“In deed, one of the potent lessons of the British elections is the fact that, the concept of ‘snatch it, grab it, and run away with it,’ has no place in modern democratic practice,” he said.

Relating the development in the UK to the 2027 election in Nigeria, Ogene said, “I urge the Nigerian Labour Party to draw inspiration from its British counterparts, close ranks, rally the people, and prepare to take the reins of power in 2027.

“Let us work together to build a better future for our nation, guided by the principles of democracy, transparency, and accountability.”

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