“Never touch another man’s wife” – Drama as Yul Edochie aggressively defends his wife

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Yul Edochie has stirred the internet with drama as he aggressively defends his wife.

Yul Edochie shared a clip on his Instagram page capturing himself and some of his colleagues in a movie set.

Against the attack of another man, Yul Edochie defended his on screen wife and demanded that is rival should not touch her.

The former presidential aspirant also lectured his followers not to touch another man’s wife because it is wrong.

“Never touch another man’s wife.
On set.

As usual negative response filled Yul Edochie’s comment as many criticize he I’m for his relationship with Hudy Austin. However, a few urged others to move on and be let the father of five live his life as he pleases.

lizziebeth_richard wrote, “But you impregnated Mr Obasi own and the ones who haven’t been known on the blue ap why do you always attacks yourself?”

cza_dd wrote, “What about Mrs Obasi, you touch abi you no touch.”

officialhemman wrote, “I keep saying it Yul just gets and understands you all. Keep trolling, cursing and abusing him and it keeps him in the topics of conversation. Since una nor sabi waka pass, he will keep goading you.”

guymannice wrote, “So what do you all gain hating on this man and leaving your problems at home …Mak una leave pple to leave their life’s naw ..No one is judging u and telling you how to live ur life but you are online telling someone how to go abt his life and business.”

dchoko_interiors wrote, “Always setting up yourself for drags and Trends.”

mwale1119 wrote, “Aaaaa this guy. I pity your whole family watching u!!! U went ahead and nack a married olosho. What is this? May heavens bless May more and bring a matured man to end this journey with. When you are a victim, GOD just remove peace to comfusion! Everyone ends with good things yours is 8th wonder of the world.*

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