Ebonyi Commences Works On Universities Of ICT, Aeronautic Engineering Sites

Ebonyi State Government has commenced works on sites for University of Information and Communication Technology and University of Aeronautic Engineering.

Governor Francis Nwifuru said construction works for the senate building, hostels, junior and senior staff quarters in the sites for the universities would be followed by other activities.

While the University of Aeronautic Engineering would be built in Ezza South, the University of ICT would be built in Oferekpe, in Izzi Local Government Area.

A project initiated by the immediate former governor, David Umahi; the Minister of Works during campaign in January 2023, promised the people of Ezza South and Izzi local government that Governor Nwifuru would continue the project if elected.

Following criticism of the project, Governor Nwifuru after inspection, on Thursday, in a statement called on Ndi Ebonyi to open their hearts to the new universities project.

Our new Universities of ICT and that of Aeronautic Engineering are key to our growth as a State. We have to open our hearts and embrace such opportunities and initiatives that will enable us develop with global trends and innovations.

“The ICT University site has been cleared and fencing almost completed. We have approved that the first set of buildings should commence immediately, which includes senate building, hostels, junior and senior staff quarters,” Nwifuru said.

On May 28, ahead of his administration’s one year anniversary, Francis Nwifuru said he would embark on extraordinary and unusual projects to make “Ebonyi people happy“.

While the financial implications of the two universities are yet to be made public, Nwifuru in a statement to mark his one-year anniversary said his administration has implemented 80 percent of the state’s 2024 budget.

He added that many ongoing projects in the state were paid for 100 percent by his administration.

Our 2024 budget by the special Grace of God has been implemented roughly 80 percent. Many of the ongoing projects have been paid for 100 percent. It means we will soon be going to the House of Assembly to seek for additional appropriation – Supplementary Budget, so that we can bring more projects on board, according to the NEEDS of our people.”

While declining an honourary doctorate degree from Evangel University, on February 13, Ogbonna Nwifuru said most of the courses offered in universities do not meet the current needs and skills required for 21st century.

He said universities must strive to produce employable graduates.

I will continue to reiterate, that our institutions must strive to produce employable graduates. Because some of the courses offered in our Universities today, neither provide immediate jobs nor skills for the graduates. Our higher institutions can only be exceptional when we achieve this,” he said.

Currently, Ebonyi has one state university, Ebonyi State University (EBSU).

During convocation on June 26, Nwifuru announced 20 percent salary increase for academic staff, while non-academic staff’s salaries were increased by 10 percent.

This is to encourage the zeal and commitment which they have so far demonstrated in the discharge of their duties. The school fees of our University has been reduced by 10%. Accordingly, the monthly subvention of the University has been reviewed upwards, from 200 Million Naira to 280 Million Naira.

“Henceforth, graduates of Ebonyi State origin with First Class Honours Degree will be offered automatic employment to lecture at Ebonyi State University.

“This is also extended to all first-class graduates from Ebonyi State University, who are willing to lecture,” he said.

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