”If you scam anybody, I’ll call you out” – Very Dark Man issues PSA to influencers (video)

Very Dark Man’s bone with influencer Ashmusy may have been picked, but he isn’t entirely done with her colleagues yet.

The self-acclaimed social media activist took to Instagram today to issue a PSA to influencers, against engaging in fraudulent transactions.

He started by saying that he’s their ‘Daddy’, and some form of watch guard against influencers that had intentions to scam clients.

Very Dark Man insinuated that Ashmusy’s influencer friends were rallying up against him, and trying to tarnish his image. In his own words, they had entered a meeting with his case in mind.

Nevertheless, Very Dark Man has promised to call out any influencer that scams anyone of their hard earned money.

To the general public, Very Dark Man advised against trusting them fully, stating that influencers shouldn’t be trusted because they’re only looking out for themselves.

Very Dark Man said that influencers are paid huge sums to promote fake things that their trusting fans end up losing money to, and they go about their life like nothing happened.

He also said that there are only a few honest influencers in Nigeria that don’t scam the masses because they have a good conscience.

Rotating back to Ashmusy, Very Dark Man said that she still owes a certain lady hundreds of dollars, and that she promised to teach the woman a skill for the said amount, but she failed to hold her end of the bargain.

Recall that Very Dark Man had called out Ashmusy for allegedly owing a businessman the sum of one-million Naira for an ad that she failed to deliver since 2023.

After Very Dark Man called her out, Ashmusy promptly returned the money to the Alaba based businessman.

Ever since he started his mission as an activist, Very Dark Man has called out quite a number of people and businesses, over fraudulent activities, and the latest was Ashmusy.

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