Gucci Mane Launches New Record Label “So Icy Millionaires” with $2M Offer for Emerging Artists

Gucci Mane is making waves in the music industry once again, as he and his wife Keyshia Ka’oir announce the launch of a new record label, “So Icy Millionaires.” The couple is offering a staggering $2 million deal to two upcoming artists—one male and one female—who they believe have the potential to become superstars.

Amidst ongoing controversies surrounding his 1017 Global Music label, Gucci Mane has decided to start afresh with a new venture. The so-called “curse” associated with 1017 Global Music stems from the alarming number of its artists who have ended up in legal trouble, including several behind bars on serious charges like first-degree murder.

On July 4, Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir made the exciting announcement about their new label. In a video shared on social media, the couple displayed stacks of $100K, intended to entice potential prospects. Gucci Mane enthusiastically stated, “I got a million plus I got some extras that I’m still counting up for the female artist. That’s what I’m willing to invest in my next superstar cuz I’m starting a whole new label, fresh; So Icy Millionaires. So, who want to join my new label cuz I’m looking for my next male superstar.”

Matching her husband’s energy and commitment, Ka’oir echoed, “I got a million plus some extras that I’m still counting up for the next female artist.” The video concluded with a bold message from Ka’oir, “F**k y’all haters.”

The announcement comes in the wake of several controversies, including the tragic death of Gucci Mane’s artist, Enchanting. Following her passing, Gucci Mane’s tribute post was inundated with conspiracy theories accusing him of being responsible. Ka’oir fiercely defended her husband, writing, “Leave my husband alone! He signs these artists to help them & give them a better life! I wish it wasn’t like this! Chant we love you baby girl! RIH.”

The couple’s new venture, “So Icy Millionaires,” is seen as a fresh start and an opportunity to distance themselves from the troubles that have plagued 1017 Global Music. In the debut episode of her podcast, Ka’oir addressed the issue head-on, asking Gucci Mane, “Why all your 1017 artists keep going to jail?”

Gucci Mane responded with candid reflection, “I was one of those type of artists, I was always going back and forth to jail. I try to help those artists that I feel I see a lot of myself in.” He added, “But I feel like if I’m not helping them, who else gone’ help them? Nobody says that part of the story.”

With “So Icy Millionaires,” Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir are eager to turn a new page and invest in the future of hip-hop by supporting fresh talent. The $1 million deals for a male and female artist are not just about the money but also about providing a platform for promising artists to thrive.

The launch of “So Icy Millionaires” marks an exciting chapter in Gucci Mane’s career and offers a beacon of hope for aspiring artists looking for their big break. As the music world watches closely, the industry eagerly awaits to see which two superstars will emerge from this ambitious endeavor.

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