Labour, Conservative, Keir, Sunak React To British Election

The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak; Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer; Labour Party and the Conservatives Party have thanked the British citizens for their votes in the 2024 general election held on Thursday.

As the end came for the Toris, after 14 years of steering the British government, Rishi Sunak and his Conservatives Party have thanked the British for their support to his administration and his party in the last fourteen years.

In a message on X, on Thursday, reposted by the Conservatives Party, Sunak wrote, “To the hundreds of Conservative candidates, thousands of volunteers and millions of voters.

Thank you for your hard work, thank you for your support, and thank you for your vote.

Earlier, as results showed Keir and Labour led the general election, the UK Prime Minister and a former Member of Parliament for Richmond and Northallerton called for a vote for Conservatives.

He wrote: “The only way to stop a high-tax Labour supermajority is to vote Conservative today.

“A vote for Reform or any other Party will hand Keir Starmer a blank cheque for generations.”

However, Keir Starmer and the Labour Party had the day. With a seat victory of  410, against Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives’ 131 seats; Labour got more than 326 seats required to form the next government of Britain.

In reaction to its victory after fourteen years of Conservative rule, Labour Party on X wrote, “From all of us at the Labour Party: Thank you.”

Keir had earlier on Thursday told British citizens that he changed the Labour Party and would change the country if he got their vote.

I’ve changed the Labour Party. If you put your trust in me by voting Labour, I will change the country,” he wrote on his X handle.

As polls closed, election results poured in, indicating a clear victory for his party, the Labour Party leader and Member of Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras, said “Change begins today” on his X handle.

To everyone who has campaigned for Labour in this election, to everyone who voted for us and put their trust in our changed Labour Party – thank you.. The work of change begins today,” Keir Starmer wrote.

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