Kano Customs generates N40.8 billion in 4 months

The Kano Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service proudly announced today that it has amassed a staggering revenue of N40.8 billion within the first four months of the calendar year 2024.

Dauda Chana, the Area Comptroller, revealed these figures in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday March 14, 2024, illuminating the strategic advancements made under the command’s vigilant stewardship.

Notably, a substantial portion of this revenue, amounting to approximately 10.6 billion, was garnered in April alone, showing an exceptional month-on-month growth trajectory.

The surge in revenue generation witnessed by the Kano Area Command represents a monumental leap from the comparative figures of the preceding year, with a commendable surge from N12.3 billion during the same period in 2023.

Mr. Chana attributed this exponential growth to the unwavering implementation of rigorous security protocols, meticulously designed to thwart illicit activities and bolster revenue influx.

What Kano customs said

Well train armed personnel have been  posted to strategic locations to deal decisively with all those involved in illegal smuggling of materials into our area of supervision.

”We are battle ready to end smuggling through our various strategies to pave the way for arrest and prosecution of those involved in illegal businesses,” he said.

Under Mr. Chana’s leadership, the command has bolstered its security apparatus, deploying proficiently trained armed personnel to vantage points, thereby fortifying its defenses against the insidious tide of smuggling.

We have also reached out to youths in these border communities, to assist our field officers with required intelligence that will assist in curbing all forms of smuggling activities.

“The command’s area of coverage is a no-go area for smugglers as competent officers have been stationed at identified illegal smuggling routes to ensure arrests and prosecution of offenders,’’ Chana said.

More insight

With unyielding resolve, the command stands poised to dismantle the clandestine operations of nefarious elements seeking to undermine the sanctity of economic regulations.

In a poignant appeal to communal solidarity, Chana implored traditional leaders and stakeholders, particularly those residing along the porous borders, to lend their unwavering support in the crusade against smuggling. Recognizing the pivotal role of grassroots engagement, the command has endeavored to foster alliances with local youths, harnessing their invaluable insights to bolster intelligence gathering efforts and curtail illicit trade practices.

Moreover, the command’s resolve to combat smuggling is explained by its proactive measures to mobilize residents towards a paradigm shift, advocating for the cultivation of a culture that champions the exportation of locally produced goods.

By fostering a collective ethos of conscientious citizenship, the command seeks to dismantle the economic underpinnings of smuggling, thereby paving the way for sustainable growth and prosperity.


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