Travis Kelce Announces Hiatus from Podcast Due to NFL Training Season Amid Taylor Swift’s European Tour

NFL enthusiasts and podcast fans alike have been eagerly awaiting new episodes of “New Heights,” the popular podcast hosted by NFL brothers Travis and Jason Kelce. However, there’s a significant update that may surprise fans. The brothers have announced a hiatus from their podcast as the upcoming NFL training season approaches. This break is not the only news involving the Kelce family, as Travis has been in the spotlight due to his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift. However, updates on their romance will have to wait, with the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp looming on the horizon.

Jason Kelce, who retired from the NFL this year, joined his brother Travis, the Chiefs’ star tight end, to break the news during the season 2 finale episode. The episode concluded with the announcement of their temporary hiatus, necessitated by the impending training season.

Since winning the Super Bowl, Travis has enjoyed some downtime, including vacations and accompanying his girlfriend Taylor Swift to various stops on her Eras tour. Despite these enjoyable breaks, it’s time for Travis to return to his football commitments. Jason hinted at a possible return to podcasting around late August, contingent on their schedules aligning.

Jason explained the reason for their break, stating, “We’ve enjoyed a nice couple of months off from podcasting because, I guess, in three weeks’ time, Travis will be in the middle of training camp. And let me tell you, there’s just not enough time to do a podcast, especially the best podcast in the world.”

Addressing fans’ concerns about when they might return with more engaging conversations and celebrity insights, Jason added, “He’s going to be busy focusing on football, getting in shape for this upcoming season. So we’re going to be off for about two months.”

Due to Travis Kelce’s commitment to the training camp, it’s likely that fans won’t see him accompanying Taylor Swift on the remaining European leg of her Eras Tour, currently in Amsterdam. This timing coincides with the 4th of July, a special date for the couple. Last year, Taylor announced a concert in Kansas City on this very day, a concert held at the home stadium of the Kansas City Chiefs, where the couple’s romance is believed to have blossomed.

While fans of both the Kelce brothers and Taylor Swift might be disappointed by the hiatus and Travis’s limited availability, the break is a necessary step for Travis as he prepares for the upcoming NFL season. The anticipation for their return will undoubtedly grow, promising even more exciting and entertaining content in the future.

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