“Lady who confessed to sleeping with dogs on my show faked her death” – Biola Bayo reveals as she arrests lady; colleagues react

Nollywood actress and show host Biola Bayo has revealed that the lady who confessed to sleeping with dogs on her show faked her death.

Kemi Filani reported months back that a lady, identified as Nike, had reached out to Biola, calling for help as she opened up on her s3xual struggles. She revealed that living with relatives made her addicted to cunnilingus through her aunty, who introduced it to her at a very tender age. Her uncle was also abusing her, and when the Aunty caught them, she seized the opportunity to take advantage of her and out of her hatred for men, she became addicted to sleeping with dogs.

Days after the interview, Biola claimed that the lady had committed su!cide and this had left her shattered. Sharing a video of her crying online, she stated that for the first time, she felt like a failure as she went on to share her chats with the deceased.

Now making a u-turn, Biola, in a post on her Instagram page, revealed that a young lady faked her death to about backlash, criticisms and legal consequences of her action.

Biola explained that she knew about this as she noticed some inconsistencies in the stories of her death while mourning her, and further investigation by her and her team into it revealed that she was alive.

She wrote, “The case of Miss Adenike, while tragic, is a learning curve for us. She sent a message and was asked to come, and we offered to get her therapy and all, but she freaked out and in a very devilish and
ungodly manner, faked her death.

After the fake death news, we tried to locate her house to express our deepest condolences properly, but it was difficult even to pen a condolence letter, and the presenter and producer, Abiola Adebayo, was both emotionally and mentally
disturbed for days.”

In the course of properly mourning her, we noticed some discrepancies between what her so-called ‘sister’ was telling us and what her friend was saying because we felt something was amiss.

We dispatched the director of the show on a fact-finding mission who spoke with the friend before he traced the hospital where she was supposed to have been treated, and we were told there and then that she didn’t die,” she said.

The discovery had led Biola to petition the Nigeria Police Force, and the lady and her friend who announced her death were arrested.

“Upon interrogation, Adewodun confessed to faking her death due to the backlash she received from the public after the podcast.

The Police were also set to prosecute, and upon interrogation, Nike, who admitted that she was the one who approached Biola for the interview, said she freaked out because people recognised her and said she felt that if she lied that she was dead, Biola would remove the video.

Police asked her if she reached out to Biola to remove the video at any point, and she said no. Her mother, who was there at the station, corroborated the story,” the statement added.

The news has left many disappointed at how far Nigerians go.

Alesh Sanni wrote, “Some people are nothing, but I dunno what to say

Kazim Adeoti wrote, “It is well

Shola Kosoko wrote, “Hmmm. I was shocked when I heard from you that she faked her death. O lagbara o

Jigan Babaoja wrote, “Nkan nbe

Itele’s wife wrote, “Wow, am I dreaming? This one is shocking

Bisola Aregbesola wrote, “Hmmmm

Comedian Princess wrote, “Pele dear, to think you almost lost your peace of mind because of this lady”.

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